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Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Embrace the power of technology with our self-directed online format. Study when and where it suits you – no rigid schedules, no limitations!

Comprehensive and Proven Curriculum: Our industry-leading modules cover a wide spectrum of health and safety issues relevant to any organization. Gain invaluable insights and knowledge that you can immediately apply to safeguard your team.

Learn from the Best: Our course is accredited by the prestigious Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). Be mentored by experts in the field and earn an internationally recognized qualification that will set you apart in your career.

Empower Your Team: Lead by example! Equip yourself with essential risk management skills and practical know-how to create a safe and thriving work environment for your team. Your dedication to safety will inspire others to follow suit.

Elevate Your Career Trajectory: Stand out as a safety-conscious leader in your industry. With the Managing Safely E-Learning course on your resume, you’ll gain a competitive edge and open doors to exciting opportunities.

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The “Managing Safely E-Learning” course is a program offered by IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), which is the largest membership organization for health and safety professionals. The course is designed for managers, team leaders, and supervisors, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage health and safety within their teams and organizations.

The primary objective of the Managing Safely course is to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of general health and safety issues that are relevant across various types of organizations. It covers essential topics such as risk management, which is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

This particular version of the course is conducted entirely online, allowing participants to engage in self-directed e-learning. The course consists of multiple modules that are completed one by one at the learner’s pace. The participants work through the online materials, gaining knowledge and expertise until they are prepared to take their assessments.

Upon successful completion of the Managing Safely E-Learning course, participants receive an internationally recognized and respected qualification accredited by IOSH. This qualification attests to the individual’s competence in managing health and safety in the workplace, contributing to a safer and healthier world of work. Regardless of the chosen study method (e-learning or others), the qualification earned remains the same.

Managing Safely E-Learning course by IOSH is an accessible and flexible way for managers and supervisors to enhance their health and safety management skills, promoting safety standards and best practices within their respective organizations.

IOSH Managing Safely 5.0 E-learning training program consist of 7 mandatory Modules.

Study Units

Module #Units Titles
Module # 1Introducing managing safely
Module # 2Assessing risks
Module # 3Controlling risks
Module # 4Understanding your responsibilities
Module # 5Identifying hazards
Module # 6Investigating incidents
Module # 7Measuring performance

The Managing Safely E-Learning course is specifically designed for individuals who hold managerial, supervisory, or team leadership positions within various organizations. This course is tailored to cater to the needs of:

  1. Managers: Whether you’re a seasoned manager or stepping into a managerial role, this course equips you with essential health and safety management skills to lead your team confidently and responsibly.
  2. Team Leaders: As a team leader, your actions and decisions directly impact your team’s well-being. This course empowers you with the knowledge to identify and mitigate risks, creating a safer working environment for your team.
  3. Supervisors: Supervisors play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations. With the Managing Safely E-Learning course, you’ll learn to prioritize health and safety, fostering a culture of well-being and productivity.
  4. Aspiring Safety Professionals: If you’re looking to pursue a career in occupational health and safety, this course lays a strong foundation, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of safety principles and risk management.
  5. Employers and Business Owners: Responsible employers and business owners recognize the importance of workplace safety. This course enables you to take a proactive approach, safeguarding your workforce and protecting your business.

Regardless of the industry or sector, the Managing Safely E-Learning course is relevant and beneficial to individuals from various backgrounds who wish to enhance their health and safety management capabilities. From small businesses to large corporations, this course caters to anyone committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment for themselves and their teams.

Upon completing the Managing Safely E-Learning course, participants will achieve the following learning outcomes, gaining valuable skills and knowledge to effectively manage health and safety within their teams and organizations:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding of Health and Safety: Participants will develop a deep understanding of various health and safety issues that impact workplaces. They will be well-versed in identifying potential hazards and risks, ensuring a safer environment for all.
  2. Risk Management Proficiency: Learners will acquire essential risk management skills, enabling them to assess and prioritize risks, implement preventive measures, and respond to emergencies confidently.
  3. Legal Compliance: Participants will be familiar with relevant health and safety laws, regulations, and standards, ensuring that their teams and organizations adhere to legal requirements and best practices.
  4. Effective Incident Investigation: Learners will master the art of incident investigation, enabling them to analyze and learn from past incidents, thus reducing the likelihood of future occurrences.
  5. Health and Safety Performance Measurement: Participants will be able to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure health and safety performance within their teams, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  6. Engaging Team Communication: Learners will gain effective communication skills to engage and motivate their teams in health and safety matters, promoting active participation and buy-in from all members.
  7. Safety Leadership: Participants will develop strong safety leadership qualities, inspiring trust and confidence among team members. They will lead by example, emphasizing the importance of safety in all aspects of work.
  8. Emergency Preparedness: Learners will be prepared to handle emergency situations efficiently, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees during critical incidents.
  9. Promoting Safety Culture: Participants will understand the significance of creating a positive safety culture within the organization. They will be equipped to instill a shared responsibility for safety among all team members.
  10. Proactive Accident Prevention: Learners will adopt a proactive approach to accident prevention, implementing preventive measures and best practices to minimize workplace incidents.
  11. Health and Well-being: Participants will recognize the importance of employee health and well-being, leading to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and overall job satisfaction.
  12. Ethical Considerations: Learners will be equipped with the ethical principles guiding health and safety decision-making, ensuring that their actions prioritize the well-being of individuals and the organization.

By attaining these learning outcomes, participants will emerge from the Managing Safely E-Learning course as competent and responsible health and safety leaders, fostering a safe and healthy work environment for their teams and contributing to a safer world of work overall.

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FAQ’s For IOSH Managing Safely E-Learning Course

The IOSH Managing Safely E-Learning course is an internationally recognized program designed for managers, team leaders, and supervisors. It provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in health and safety management, allowing participants to effectively manage risks and create a safer work environment for their teams.

The E-Learning course offers a self-directed online learning experience. Participants can study at their own pace, accessing engaging modules and interactive content. It provides the flexibility to balance learning with busy work schedules.

Yes, the Managing Safely E-Learning course is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), a respected and globally recognized body for health and safety professionals.

The course is ideal for managers, team leaders, and supervisors from various industries who want to enhance their health and safety management skills. It is also beneficial for aspiring safety professionals and employers who wish to prioritize workplace safety.

The course equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of health and safety issues, risk management skills, legal compliance, incident investigation, safety leadership, and emergency preparedness, among other essential skills.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course and passing the assessments, participants will receive an internationally recognized certificate from IOSH.

No, the certificate earned from the Managing Safely E-Learning course has no expiration date. It remains valid and recognized as a qualification that demonstrates your health and safety management capabilities.

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